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Sam Kenyon

I’m a freelance software engineer living in Los Angeles, primarily using C++ and Qt.

I also created a movie company based in LA: Imaginary Danger Productions. The photo here is from when I was in a movie as a news reporter for a few seconds.

I’ve been employed by Lionsgate, The Qt Company, iRobot, Bio-Rad, Boston University, MIT Lincoln Lab, Charles River Analytics and others developing robotics and user interface software.

I was educated in Boston where I went to Northeastern University, spending many a night in a robotics lab in a basement managed by this weird Russian guy named Boris who might have actually lived down there, I’m not sure.

As I convinced nearby iRobot Corporation into hiring me by constantly showing up against their will, I also took three graduate subjects at MIT by exploiting loopholes in their system (not by actually being smart enough to get into MIT in a normal fashion).


I’ve deleted my old github accounts but I’m growing a new one here:

What is MetaDevo?

Presently, this website just hosts my blog.

I discuss Strong AI, 4E (Embodied, Ecological/Embedded, Extended and Enactive) cognition, cognitive architectures, interfaces, robots, cyborgs and philosophy of mind. And whatever else I feel like.

In the Miscellaneous posts, I list links to interesting things I’ve read lately.


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