Sam Kenyon

I’m a freelance software engineer living in Los Angeles, primarily using C++ and Qt.

Previously I was employed by The Qt Company, iRobot, Bio-Rad, MIT, Boston University, Charles River Analytics and others developing robotics and user interface software.

I obtained a BS from Northeastern University in Boston and took three graduate subjects at MIT taught by Marvin Minsky, Henry Lieberman and Whitman Richards.


I’ve deleted my old github accounts but I’m growing a new one here:


What is MetaDevo?

MetaDevo is, for now, the name of my own AI research organization. Presently, this website just hosts my blog.

In this blog I discuss Strong AI, 4E (Embodied, Ecological/Embedded, Extended and Enactive) cognition, cognitive architectures, interfaces, robots, cyborgs and philosophy of mind.

In the Miscellaneous posts, I list links to interesting things I’ve read lately.


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Email: sam@metadevo.com

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