Creating a Bookmark List

In response to “The Small Website Discoverability Crisis” I’m making a list of bookmarks to small sites that I find interesting.

And interesting does not necessarily mean I’m agreeing with everything you might find on these blogs / sites. Indeed maybe I like reading some of these because they challenge what I think.

It’s a bit strange, almost nobody seems to be doing this. Looking through a sample of personal websites, very few of them has links to other personal websites. A hyperlink isn’t a marriage proposal. It is enough to find some redeeming quality in a website to link to it. It costs nothing, and helps bring traffic to pages that you yourself think deserve it.1(2021) “The Small Website Discoverability Crisis”

I used to do that on older personal websites starting in the late 90s and in old blogs. But I suppose like most people that faded away in the past 10 years, plus you might be afraid if somebody you link to starts posting something “problematic.” But let’s give it a shot. I don’t know how often I’ll maintain this but it’s better than nothing.

I’ll put them on a page, here: Bookmarks.

And make sure to check out the Marginalia search engine project.

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