Miscellaneous #1

Think current AI text generators are getting us very close to human-like language acquisition? Gary Marcus says think again: “Learning Language is Harder Than You Think.”

“Why ‘Is LaMDA Sentient?’ Is an Empty Question.”

“Intuitive physics learning in a deep-learning model inspired by developmental psychology.”

“The great Eskimo vocabulary hoax” (1989).

“A Brief History of Atari, Part 3”

“The Home Computer Generation: On experiences lost in user-friendliness.”

“There is a project to recreate the Prodigy online service.”

“It is expected to be the largest implementation of the Geek+ RS8 shuttle system in the Southern Hemisphere to date…” — “Myer to use 200 robots to dispatch online orders”

Amazon’s Prime Air drone delivery tests are coming to Texas, too”

“The Amazon robots are here, and they don’t even have to be kept in cages anymore.”

“This Dutch City Is Road-Testing Vehicle-to-Grid Tech”

I used to have a coworker / boss who drank a shocking amount of Diet Coke everyday. I never asked why and it’s none of my business. Some seek out nootropic effects. Unfortunately, Diet Coke probably isn’t a cognitive performance enhancer. But don’t worry, the aspartame in Diet Coke is not bad for you either as far as science can tell.

A better Google Scholar.”

First impressions of web3 from a cryptographer.

“Three Easy Problems.”

“Russia’s Yandex opens public access to AI large language model.”

“Are honey bees endangered? Here’s the truth of the matter.”

“What does a dog’s nose know? A.I. may soon tell us.”

“Why You Should Ignore the Metagame”

“The Secret Apartment at the Top of the Eiffel Tower.”

“A team of scientists at Northwestern University in the US have accidentally created overly-aggressive mutant hamsters following a gene-editing experiment.”


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