Miscellaneous #14

Self-healing robot recovers from being stabbed then walks off

Perhaps It Is A Bad Thing That The World’s Leading AI Companies Cannot Control Their AIs

“seems very unlikely that the human brain uses back propagation to learn”

The banality of ChatGPT: Passing the Turing test turns out to be boring

Stop saying “They shouldn’t have invested more than they could afford to lose”

The Hiring Process: Should The Bachelors Degree Maintain Its Required Status?

F-150 Lightning Range Complaints Growing, Particularly in Cold Weather

The Tandy Zoomer — The x86 PDA before the Palm Pilot: A 1992 handheld, with multitasking, that could access AOL.

World Large Submarine Drones Compared, Including Royal Navy Cetus

The Trinity explosion 0.016 seconds after detonation, 1945 [Rare Historical Photos]

Christopher Nolan on recreating the first-ever nuclear weapon detonation without the use of computer graphics

On 26 September 1983, the world was saved from potential nuclear disaster by Stanislav Petrov.

The Myth of a Nuclear Armageddon

Surprise! Snakes Have Clitorises

the insane Hallucigenia

Are Technologies Inevitable? On Path Dependency

The Great Geomagnetic Storm of May 1921

The Earthquake Effect: Bridging the Faults – The catastrophic fall and slow rise of the Bay Bridge after Loma Prieta

Niland Geyser—the world’s only moving mud “volcano”

Scientists thought they knew what was killing Gulf corals. Now they aren’t so sure.

Mutant crayfish clones take over cemetery after aquarium escape

The Spare Tire Windshield Washer System in Old Volkswagens Is Both Ridiculous and Clever

Tiny brain no obstacle to French civil servant

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