Miscellaneous #16

Curated Links of the Strange and the Stimulating

2022 was Really Weird

Should we tax robots?

Ceiling Roomba is watching you poop

Bats use death metal “growls” to make social calls

“And then a Plank in Reason, broke,”

Virtual reality can induce depersonalization and derealization (but only temporarily)

Scientists invent 1st ‘vagina-on-a-chip’

The government is spending over $100 million a year to fight off feral hogs—and the pigs are winning

In 1988 a $16 Million F-16 fighter jet was destroyed after colliding with pigs

Four Times When Journalists Read a Scientific Paper and Reported the Complete Opposite

The Media Very Rarely Lies “When the media misinforms people, it does so by misinterpreting things, excluding context, or signal-boosting some events while ignoring others”

I’m No Scientist, and Probably Neither Are You

Shrinking Moon May Be Generating Moonquakes

Nobody Knows What Made the Gargantuan Crater on the Dark Side of the Moon

Photographing Apollo 8’s Orbit Toward the Moon

Apollo 8 TLI-3

New Brunswick’s Mystery Disease: Why Did the Province Shut Out Federal Experts?

Supercapacitors Using Recycled Tea Leaves

The Resurrection Plant: More Dead Than Alive

Bullfrogs Harrumping

Know your neuron: Grid cells

Are routine actions rational?

Do All Healthy People Have Mystical Experiences?

Gauguin’s Stirring First-Hand Account of What Actually Happened the Night Van Gogh Cut off His Own Ear

Screens and Computers from THX 1138

History of the 20th Century Studios Logo

Sturgeon’s law

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