Miscellaneous #18

Curated Links of the Bizarre and the Bodacious

Scientists Grew Stem Cell ‘Mini Brains’ And Then The Brains Sort-of Developed Eyes

Texas Hunter Takes Deer With Three Eyes

Do not punch rationalists and the golem legend clarified

Yilun Du discusses the potential applications of generative art

Rodney Brooks: Predictions Scorecard, 2023 January 01

On the Paradox of Learning to Reason from Data

Airglow from north Italy

Spider silk could be used as robotic muscle

Scientific papers are poorly written. And they’ve been getting worse.

8 Reasons Why The Lun-Class Ekranoplan Is The Coolest Invention Ever To Be Forgotten

‘New’/Processual Archaeology

Homo naledi may have lit fires over 200,000 years ago

The Cyanide Tooth Is a Cold War Fairy-Tale

The mystery booms and skyquakes of 2022

Babylonian Mathematics and the Base 60 System

The Positive Role of Parasites in the Origins of Life

Are humans evolved specialists for running in the heat? Man vs. horse races provide empirical insights

About 0.5% of Icelanders have a protective gene that prevents mental deterioration in old age.

No, Humans Are NOT Causing A “Sixth Mass Extinction”

As the SEC Cracks Down on Shady SPACs, CIA Officials Get In on the Action

Walmart Expands Drone Delivery Service But Wyoming Still Not On List

Online Hacker Simulator

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