Miscellaneous #2

The Uncertain Heavens: Christiaan Huygens’ Ideas of Extraterrestrial Life.

Harvard scientists are hoping to find a crashed alien space probe at the bottom of the ocean

“The documents are laid out like a modern spreadsheet, showing what was needed, what had been delivered and what was still owed.” The Diary of Merer: A 4,500-Year-Old Papyrus That Details The Construction of The Great Pyramid.

Kevin Kelly’s collection of “Contemporary Heresies.”

5 Intriguing Applications of Computer Vision in Smart Cities

Secret of the ooze: Microbial ´dark matter´: centuries-old lava caves of Hawaiʻi Island contain thousands of unknown bacterial species.

“Is birdsong music, speech, or something else altogether? The question has raged for millennia, drawing in everyone from St. Augustine to Virginia Woolf.” Every Good Bird Does Fine.

“Copper isn’t magnetic but creates resistance in the presence of a strong magnetic field, resulting in dramatically stopping the magnet before it even touches the copper.”

Plastics have a lower total greenhouse gas contribution than alternatives in most applications according to this report.

“Science camp” for adults: A non-exhaustive list

Deep Dive: Creating impossible spaces in Mind Palace

The Spinning Drone Paradox

Scientific evidence for the existence of Ents

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