On Strong AI & Robotics

Miscellaneous #21

Curated Links of the Quizzical and the Quixotic

Most sites claiming to catch AI-written text fail spectacularly

The rise and fall of Microsoft’s new Bing

Phoenix robotics firm delivers first “3D printed” homes in less than 60 day

JCB: Large Battery-Powered Equipment “Just Isn’t Practical”

Researchers use locust antennae hooked to robots to detect smells of various Scotch whiskeys

Extracting Training Data from Diffusion Models

A checklist of eighteen pitfalls in AI journalism

New class of nuclear propulsion enabling fast transit to Mars

Sea spiders can regrow body parts, not just limbs

Blind as a Bat: Audible Echolocation on Small Robots

Earth’s inner core may be reversing its rotation

A Year in Internet Surveillance and Resilience: 2022 in Review

Shocking: game devs still not that into blockchain: I’m shocked, shocked! Well not that shocked.

Why it is time for the world to take geoengineering seriously

Winner take all science

Stomach-churning moment parasite is pulled from the stomach of a murder hornet by insect enthusiast who spotted it ‘acting unusually’ in his garden

Cockroach Brains May Hold New Antibiotics?

On reading more than one book at a time

Intracranial fetus-in-fetu with numerous fully developed organs

Why and how was this painting sold for $300 million in 2015?

32-Tentacled Octopus Found In South Korea (2021)

Bryan Johnson’s Blueprint (to slow down aging)

The CNET Fake News Fiasco, Autopilot, and the Uncanny Cognitive Valley

New Way to Help Aging Cells Produce Collagen

How Did We Get Here? The Tangled History of the Second Law of Thermodynamics

JCB Unveils New Hydrogen Combustion Engine

A surge in obsidian exploitation more than 1.2 million years ago at Simbiro III (Melka Kunture, Upper Awash, Ethiopia)

Mars may be slowly ripping its largest moon apart

the James Webb Space Telescope may have just glimpsed the universe’s first stars

The Evening Star, Independence, Kansas, September 10, 1904 (via Yesterday’s Print)