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Miscellaneous #22

Curated Links of the Remarkable and the Ridiculous

Live-caption glasses let deaf people read conversations using augmented reality

Human Error Is the Most Common Cause of Train Accidents

Workers Are Dying in the EV Industry’s ‘Tainted’ City

This New Breed of Generator Can Run on Almost Any Fuel

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MSG: Chefs on why the controversial seasoning is making a comeback

How Did Millions of Dead Crabs Wind Up in the Abyss?

Known unknowables

Artificial Whiskers

Special Report: Unmanned Systems February 2023

A possible step forward for quantum computers: Collective super- and subradiant dynamics between distant optical quantum emitters

Jerrold Potter’s Flight Into Oblivion

The Strange Story of Marvin Heemeyer and the Killdozer

Woman from China buys JB Forest City condo unit with ‘unparalleled sea view’, only to find a ‘ghost town

Artificial Neural Nets: Engineering Point Of View

You’re looking at the biggest freshwater invertebrate in the world

Robust and Versatile Bipedal Jumping Control through Multi-Task Reinforcement Learning

The True History of vi

A Humanlike “Living Fossil” Could Still Be Alive in Indonesia, This Anthropologist Says

Why This Georgia Apple Orchard Doesn’t Need Honey Bees

Mason Bee