Miscellaneous #23

Curated Links of the Sus and the Shocking

‘Unspeakable botch’: Spain spends €258 million on trains that are too big for its tunnels

Man punches, fights self-driving car in San Francisco, loses

People keep anthropomorphizing AI: Here’s why Companies and journalists both contribute to the confusion

AI Chatbots Aren’t ‘Alive.’ Why Is the Media Trying to Convince Us Otherwise?

Generative AI tools got a warm, if cautious welcome at DICE 2023

Should GPT exist?

BLIP-2: when ChatGPT meets images

Fiction generator post-mortem: mythology generation

Do We Really NEED Humanoid Robots? Or Do We Just Want Them Really Bad?

How dangerous is Africas explosive Lake Kivu?

Lost Advanced Civilizations

Art Historians Are Puzzled by a Hidden Masterpiece Discovered Underneath One of Cézanne’s Early Works

B.C. man warns against giant hogweed after exposure, temporary sight loss

Giant flying bug found on side of Walmart turns out to be ‘super-rare’ Jurassic-era insect

Cracking the Secrets to Earthquake Safety, One Shake Simulation at a Time

Visible from space, an explosion of harmful seaweed now stretches like a sea monster across the ocean. Could robots save us from it – and store carbon in the process?

Japan just found 7,000 islands it didn’t know it had

Raining fishbones in 1872

Messages from the Sea: Inside a Cod

Brain Teaser – Maniacs and Monsters

The Sky Ship – Tales from the Squid and Teapot by Martin Pearson

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