On Strong AI & Robotics

Miscellaneous #24

Curated Links of the Tremendous and the Titillating

This installation enables a live plant to control a machete

GPT-4 debuts and Google beats Microsoft in race to add generative A.I. to consumer office tools

GPT-4’s successes, and GPT-4’s failures: How GPT-4 fits into the larger tapestry of the quest for artificial general intelligence

Bank Men, Freed: Ed Zitron on Silvergate bank and SVB (Silicon Valley Bank)

As “Cocaine Bear” is currently in theaters, a “Cocaine Cat” found in a Cincinnati neighborhood

John Coltrane’s Countdown Like You’ve Never Seen it Before! “this solo also possesses fractal characteristics”

Multimodal AI for medicine, simplified: The catalytic impact of large language models (Generative AI)

Robotic Donut Inspection

How Tarn Adams upgraded and optimized Dwarf Fortress for its official Steam release

Pi Day: Estimating the Value of Pi with BASIC

Multiwavelength Optoelectronic Synapse with 2D Materials for Mixed-Color Pattern Recognition

AI Psychosis

We don’t trade with ants

A Quarter Century of Web Coding: Tracing the Fractal of Complexity

Reverse-engineering the register codes for the 8086 processor’s microcode

Marginalia Search: 2 years, big news

How do I overcome imposter syndrome?

Images from the Collective Unconscious: Olga Fröbe-Kapteyn and the Eranos Archive By Frederika Tevebring

Mask in Rome museum (photo: svklimkin, CC BY-SA 2.0)