Miscellaneous Links #29

AI, CogSci, Perceptual Creep, Antarctica & More


The situational awareness assumption in AI risk discourse, or why people should chill

ChatGPT: A Bullshit Tool For Bullshit Jobs: A cure for the professional illness of our times

Qualcomm, Meta announce deal to bring LLMs to phones, PCs

Lincoln Laboratory partners with DARPA to test augmented-reality assistance systems

Aurora Develops Adaptive Control Architecture for Unmanned Surface Vessels

Reliable Robotics Brings Autonomous Flight Even Closer with Industry Leading Certification Milestone

SequenceMatch: Imitation Learning for Autoregressive Sequence Modelling with Backtracking

Voice actors are worried about modders cloning their voices with AI

This headline reads “Report: Valve won’t publish Steam titles that feature AI-generated content.” But of course it’s not all AI, as many games have types of AI and algorithm-created graphics such as with procedural generation. As one would expect, this seems to specifically be for big data model-based AIs that are popular now, trained on other people’s copyright material, outputting graphics that look similar enough to those copyright materials (at least from Steam’s POV).

Generative A.I.’s copyright problem grows as lawsuits pile onto OpenAI, Google, and Meta

Is GPT-4 getting worse over time? A new paper going viral has been widely misinterpreted


A Nature article declares “Decades-long bet on consciousness ends — and it’s philosopher 1, neuroscientist 0.” However, have they misconstrued the bet was about causation when it was actually about correlation? Megan Peters of UC Irvine Cognitive Sciences tweets about this issue.

Whole-brain analyses indicate the impairment of posterior integration and thalamo-frontotemporal broadcasting in disorders of consciousness

Explore the entire Connectome of a fruit fly with codex

A leaky integrate-and-fire computational model based on the connectome of the entire adult Drosophila brain reveals insights into sensorimotor processing

Perceptual Creep

Prevalence-induced concept change in human judgment

“Conceptual overreach threatens the quality of public reason”: The inflation of concepts


Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Do We Collaborate Too Much?

The Future of the Software Industry

IMAX Still Runs on PalmPilot Operating System: Much like nuclear weapons themselves, ‘Oppenheimer’ runs on ancient technology.

Transformer shortage could be made worse as hurricane season nears in Houston

3 Soft Robots in Action (video)

A Brief History of Cyborg Insects (And Spiders)


Bajau have an amazing adaptation: they can stay underwater for a very long time. Thanks to chubby seals and Korean pearl divers, we know why.

Evolution of a minimal cell

A chemical defense deters cannibalism in migratory locusts

That feeling when you’re being haunted but it’s actually just carbon monoxide poisoning


The Truth About Antarctica

Antarctica’s mysterious Blood Falls aren’t made by minerals after all


Shock Boson Result Upending Physics Was a Miscalculation, Scientists Say

The Long History of Nobody Wants to Work Anymore

The 13 Flying Black Cats

Ivan “Bugs” Unger and Gladys Roy of the 13 Flying Black Cats exhibition team (source: San Diego Air & Space Museum)
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