Miscellaneous #3

Strange But True: The US Military Once Wanted to Nuke the Moon

“Will we need the first-ever ‘drop second’ in 2023?” Earth Is Spinning Faster Because Of A New ‘Wobble,’ Scientists Say

New NASA Black Hole Sonifications with a Remix

“One of the things that makes it hard to communicate with people about the ecological approach is that it is actually a radically different way of thinking about cognition.” Verb Your Nouns

A bot tries to draw all 50 states with text labels. It does not do very well:

In 2020, the CEO of an autonomous truck technology company posted about how and why the company was shutting down. “Five years later and AV professionals are no longer promising Artificial General Intelligence after the next code commit. Instead, the consensus has become that we’re at least 10 years away from self-driving cars.”

SoCalGas and Ford Testing F-550 Hydrogen Fuel Cell Utility Truck

Scientists debunk myth that Yellowstone wolves changed entire ecosystem, flow of rivers

Nothing wastes resources like saving them

The Stubborn Computing Manifesto

The definition of “skeuomorphism“:

Skeuomorphism refers to a design principle in which design cues are taken from the physical world. This term is most frequently applied to user interfaces (UIs), where much of the design has traditionally aimed to recall the real world – such as the use of folder and files images for computer filing systems, or a letter symbol for email – probably to make computers feel more familiar to users. However, this approach is increasingly being criticized for its lack of ingenuity and its failure to pioneer designs that truly harness a computer’s superior capabilities, rather than forcing it to merely mimic the behavior of a physical object.

XML is almost always misused

“Roger Bacon, circa 1267, complained of writers who put maths as one of the seven Black Arts, due to it’s links with astrology.” Skeptical of mathematics

The Man Who Inspired ‘Nightcrawler’ (and Other Movies)

History of Webrings

Charles Elmer Doolin invented Fritos way back in 1932—well, more adapted from someone in Mexico and productized. Oddly enough he and his family were not much into junk food—they were vegetarians who hardly ate any salt. He eventually came up his own hybrid of corn, apparently a mix of sweet corn and field corn, to make the Fritos. The Untold Truth Of Fritos

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