Miscellaneous Links #35

AI, Robotics, CogSci & More


The Church of AGI

Here’s Why People Will Never Care About AI Risk: It is an irrational fear but people are afraid of stupider things

Generative AI is Boring

GTA 6 publisher CEO doubts AI generation tools will make games more profitable or cheaper: But they will make competition “more intense” for developers who don’t have them


What is retrieval-augmented generation (RAG)?

Elon Musk releases screenshots of x.AI ‘Grok’, which has realtime access to X

Pre-Trained Large Language Models for Industrial Control

[from 2014] Why robots will not be smarter than humans by 2029

OpenAI’s vision: a chatbot in every app


GenAI image prompted by me

Figure Unveils Its Humanoid Robot Prototype

Rethinking “driverless cars”

Boeing / Wisk Aero conducts public demonstration of its self-flying electric VTOL taxi in Los Angeles

GM’s Cruise grounds its entire fleet of driverless vehicles to ‘earn public trust’ after California suspension over high-profile accidents

Are Robotics the Future of Army Combat Vehicles?

U.S. Marines test fire the M72 LAW with a Robotic Goat

Piezo-Wormbots for Continuous Crawling

Tiny quadruped robots are powered by combustion actuators


Irruption Theory: A Novel Conceptualization of the Enactive Account of Motivated Activity

Vierkant: Precis for The Tinkering Mind


The Decline of Usability: Revisited

Traf-O-Data: The company before “Microsoft”

10 design lessons learned from 30 years of horror games

Behind the monstrous challenge of “just adding multiplayer” to Salt and Sacrifice

Colonoscopies are the first-line method for preventing colorectal cancer in America —and almost nowhere else. But do they work?

How Asteroids Bombarded Earth and Built the Continents

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