Miscellaneous #4

Squircles! In space! According to astronomer Pat Morris, these nebulae are “partial dust shells formed where the winds of the orbiting Wolf-Rayet and O stars collide during closest passage.”

Automatic generation of music “videos”—more like slideshows—but still amusing.

Why did everything take so long?

Flights of Fancy, or, The Rise and Fall of Vincent de Groof

The first untethered manned helicopter flight was in 1907 by French bicycle maker Paul Cornu. It looked kind of like a big quadcopter drone (but with two rotors instead of four).

(image source: Aero Corner)

Colonizing the Cosmos: Astor’s Electrical Future

“Volkswagen (VW) calculates that a diesel car emits less CO2 than an EV for the first 70,000 miles it is driven.” The “Energy Transition” Delusion: A Reality Reset

We love to hate Clippy — but what if Clippy was right? How Clippy shaped the design world.

Anthropodermic Bibliopegy: the macabre art of making books out of human skin

Isopods! There’s a great horror movie about them, but this is real life: Swarms of ‘mini-shark’ beach bugs are on a foot-biting rampage in California

190-Year-Old Tortoise Becomes the World’s Oldest Living Animal

Lake Chagan – The World’s Most Radioactive Lake

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