Miscellaneous #8

New imagery from James Webb Space Telescope scientists of the “Pillars of Creation,” a big dust / gas cloud:

What Will Artificial Intelligence Do To Us? Nathan J. Robinson writes:

While there are extremely powerful applications of existing artificial intelligence (both cool and scary), we are still a very long way from even beginning to understand how to make computers that are “smarter” than ourselves, and the worries about “superintelligence” are silly and a distraction from more pressing (and plausible) problems facing humanity


If people were guaranteed a decent standard of living, they wouldn’t need to fear the automation of their jobs.

“To help us understand the potential role of AI in creative writing, we brought together 13 professional English-language writers from around the world to use Wordcraft to write stories”

Is a robot coming soon to a bodega near you?

Toronto Tapped Artificial Intelligence to Warn Swimmers. The Experiment Failed

Toward Next-Generation Artificial Intelligence: Catalyzing the NeuroAI Revolution

Floppy or not: AI predicts properties of complex metamaterials:

The accuracy of the predictions shows us that the neural networks have actually learned the mathematical rules underlying the metamaterial properties, even when we don’t know all the rules ourselves.

The Buick Riviera Had A Touchscreen Display Way Back In 1986

Spacewar! Original 1962 game code running on a PDP-1 emulator in JavaScript

DiffDock: Diffusion Steps, Twists, and Turns for Molecular Docking (molecular docking is a drug design technique).

Top 5 best microscopic images of hippocampal neurons

Credit: Rodrigo Suarez via Hugo Chrost

Honeybee swarms generate more electricity per metre than a storm cloud

Fishermen discover World War II explosive device off coast of Rhode Island

Remember that John Woo film Broken Arrow? The U.S. Military Is Missing Six Nuclear Weapons. “The longest missing nuclear weapon hasn’t been seen in 71 years, and it is unlikely it will be found anytime soon.”

So you want to invent a nuclear weapon

Playing low frequency noise to disrupt hard-drives: denial of service for CCTVs, data-centers, and other computing environments

7 hertz – the resonant frequency of a chicken’s skull(?)

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