Miscellaneous #9

Generative AI is entering a new stage

Craiyon AI generated image from prompt “fish playing blackjack in space”

Nintil predicts AI in 2026, and a couple sections of the essay of interest here:

Scaling doesn’t scale

Computer science is not about computers, any more than astronomy is about telescopes.

Is web3 bullshit? by Molly White.

I could start going around with a pitch deck saying that the thing that will finally bring about the sea change in the web, and we’ll call it “web3”, is steam-powered computing. My slides might be very fancy, I might be very charismatic, and I might be able to paint a picture of a very utopian web that was once dreamed about that would be right around the corner once we all adopted steam-powered computing.

Ghost Particles Crashing Into Antarctica Could Change Astronomy Forever

32,000-Year-Old Plant Brought Back to Life—Oldest Yet

Tetraodon MBU – The Under Water Giant Puppy (a fish with teeth that has an insatiable craving for shelled animals)

Do bees play? A groundbreaking study says yes

The Games People Play With Cash Flow

How a Mathematician-Magician Revealed a Casino Loophole

Weapons of Bone – The Deadly Spearheads of the Mariana Islands

FBI entraps naval nuclear engineer to hand over secret submarine nuclear reactor information in a peanut butter sandwich.

“1970, the Oregon Highway Division consulted with the U.S. Navy and decided the best way to dispose of a whale carcass was to blow it up with a 1/2 ton of dynamite. The explosion caused blubber to rain down on spectators for over a 1/4 of a mile.”

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