Miscellaneous Links #30

AI, Robotics, Superconductors, Environment & More


Research to merge human brain cells with AI secures national defence [Australia] funding

AI-text detection tools are really easy to fool

All attempts to build an AI detector have failed

“Most adoption of #AI for healthcare is for back office operations.”

ELIXR: Towards a general purpose X-ray artificial intelligence system through alignment of large language models and radiology vision encoders


Hygromachines: Humidity-Powered Wheels, Seesaws, and Vehicles

Goodbye Gridlock: How Autonomous Vehicles Can Revolutionize City Living

Extreme fire risk with EV´s exposed to salt water – Coast Guard issues alert to not allow on ships

Putting Wireless EV Charging Efficiency & Speed to the Test


Did a Korean chemist really brute force discover a room temperature superconductor (LK-99)?

“The most impressive thing that @iris_IGB just pulled off wasn’t even the floating rock, it was *the 48hr reduction in synthesis time achieved on her kitchen stove”

Sinéad M. Griffin (Berkeley Lab) preprints a theoretical basis for superconductivity in LK-99


The unexpected radiative impact of the Hunga Tonga eruption of 15th January 2022

Why progress is environmentalism: And why real environmentalists must support progress

Per kilometer driven down the road, do electric cars create more particulate air pollution than gas cars? (probably not, but EVs probably emit more than hybrids)

Five Synthetic Fuels That Could Replace Gasoline and Diesel

What are synthetic e-fuels?

A low-flying NASA plane has been seen flying over CT. It’s responsible for sniffing the air.

Lab-grown meat could be 25 times worse for the climate than beef

Conservation in virtual reality


‘Cancer-killing pill’ that appears to ‘annihilate’ solid tumours is now being tested on humans

Model Collapses and UFO Narratives

Nonpartisan primaries are better with ranked choice voting

Amazon’s Not So Secret Weapon: The magic of Working Backwards: a real-world case study

Seagulls prompt outdoor dining closure at Sullivan’s Castle Island

A Distinct Phenomenon in Itself: C. V. Raman’s Discovery of Why the Sea is Blue (1921)

“Four Naval helicopter pilots from Helicopter Sea Combat Squadron (HSC) 23 ‘Wildcards’ pose for a photo in the Pacific Ocean as they prepare to participate in an Artemis II recovery test as part of NASA’s Underway Recovery Test 10. During recovery practice, these four pilots acted as Artemis II astronauts and were placed inside the Orion Crew Module Test Article, recovered from the capsule onto an inflatable ‘front porch’ and then lifted via helicopter back to the flight deck of USS John P Murtha.” (NASA)
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