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Miscellaneous Links #32

AI, Robotics, Aliens & More

AI & Robotics

Consciousness in Artificial Intelligence: Insights from the Science of Consciousness

Consciousness and the Overton Window of Science, Part II

Helping computer vision and language models understand what they see

Numenta comes out of stealth mode with NuPIC AI product

Magnetic robots walk, crawl, and swim

Video SEO in the Age of AI

A.I. tools fueled a 34% spike in Microsoft’s water consumption, and one city with its data centers is concerned about the effect on residential supply

Thin Flexible Sensor Characterizes High-Speed Airflows on Curved Surfaces


Ancient aliens identified in Mexico (found in Peru)? Presented to Mexican Congress!

Screencap from Nemo

Pentagon UFO office unveils official website for US government personnel to report sightings

If Earth were an exoplanet, JWST would know there’s an intelligent civilization here


Expert Judgment on Markers to Deter
Inadvertent Human Intrusion into the
Waste Isolation Pilot Plant
– Sandia National Labs via will depue

Considerations On Cost Disease

The living things that feast on plastic

The World Is Going Blind. Taiwan Offers a Warning, and a Cure

Negative immune imprinting from coronavirus vaccines?

Plesiosaurs doubled their neck-length by gaining new vertebrae

Who Really Invented the Alphabet?

The Vilnius–Lublin Portal

Raccoons do not actually wash their food