Miscellaneous Links #36

AI, Robotics, CogSci & More


Three Things That LLMs Have Made Us Rethink – Rodney Brooks

The real research behind the wild rumors about OpenAI’s Q* project

Revolutionizing Design: The Power Of Generative AI

Creative Robot Tool Use with Large Language Models

Introducing Amazon Q, a new generative AI-powered assistant


GenAI image prompted by me

Squid-Inspired Powerful Untethered Soft Pumps via Magnetically Induced Phase Transitions

Humanoids and yet more humanoids

Robots at your doorstep: acceptance of near-future technologies for automated parcel delivery

Magnetic Liquid Metal Droplet Robot


The risk of another consciousness winter

Do Affordances Select or Control Actions?

Rats Can Use Imagination to Navigate in Virtual Reality, Study Finds

30th Anniversary of DOOM

How Much of a Genius-Level Move Was Using Binary Space Partitioning in Doom?

Doom rendering engine – Doom Wiki

“thread of everything that I’ve found that DOOM can run on. Some are real, some… maybe not

Adrian Carmack “is posting some of his amazing sketches. It was his vision that set the visual tone for DOOM and the genre as a whole.

December 10 – DOOM’s 30th Anniversary Stream with John Romero, John Carmack, and David L. Craddock


The Urban Toolkit: A Grammar-based Framework for Urban Visual Analytics

Circling the Square: Designing with “Squircles” Instead of Rounded Rectangles

A non-adaptive explanation for macroevolutionary patterns in the evolution of complex multicellularity

There is now a sixth taste – and it explains why we love carbs (2016)

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